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Biblical Seductions wins National Jewish Book Award Finalist Prize!

Biblical Seductions by Sandra E. Rapoport retells six compelling stories in which women of the Bible become heroines through their audacious acts—stories that are often skipped or censored because of their disturbing and provocative subject matter.

First- and fiftieth-time readers alike will be mesmerized by this interweaving of Bible and legend which entertains, reflects, and reproves. Through Rapoport’s deft storytelling, readers revisit six biblical episodes: The story of Lot’s daughters, who seduce their father in a mountain cave and bear his sons. The tale of Dinah, who is abducted and raped by Shechem, the local prince. The drama of Tamar, who disguises herself and seduces her father-in-law. The story of King David’s desire for Batsheva, wife of his prized officer, and of the king’s plot to murder her husband so he can wed her. The tragic account of Princess Tamar, daughter of King David, who is lured, trapped, and raped by her half-brother, Amnon, sparking vengeful fratricide and a civil war. Finally, readers encounter the Moabite widow, Ruth, who seduces Boaz, a tribal leader, and becomes great-grandmother of King David.

Rapoport examines what befalls these women. What makes one woman so desperate, another so curious? Why does one commit incest, another risk abduction, and still another seduce a tribal chief? And to what avail? Are they vindicated, or are they ruined? And what becomes of the men in their lives?

Biblical Seductions unflinchingly presents these six fraught sagas in a new way, filling in the textual silences with fidelity, imagination, and rich detail. In Rapoport’s skilled hands these transformative stories become accessible and relevant, and the women in them unforgettable.

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